Estonian stamps since 1991
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Theme Flowers
Designer Ülle Marks
Designer Jüri Kass
Seria Flowers
Year 2010

Issue date19.02.2010
Price5.50 EEK
Value on the issue date1.00 std. letter
DesignerÜlle Marks, Jüri Kass
More details from Estonian PostLesser butterfly orchid / 446 - 19.02.10
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* - The website contains all Estonian stamps since 1991, that is all stamps from the post-occupation time. Only recently issued stamps can be missing and also my collection do not contain reprints. Used materials. Feedback: . Total: 737 stamps = 2,708.45 EEK + 149.66 EUR + 80.70 SUR = 1,370.75 std. letters.